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Mark and Tami Pondelick are the proud owners of Steele-A-Weigh Yachts LLC in Point Roberts, WA

Steele-A-Weigh Yachts was started by Bill Steele in 2004 to provide a much needed local yacht brokerage in Point Roberts, WA. Since 75% of the boats in Point Roberts are Canadian owned Bill quickly learned how to process the necessary paperwork to legally offer a boat for sale while they are in US waters.

In 2017 Bill had decided it was time to retire and approached me to ask if I was interested in taking over the business. At the time I had made it through my first full season of running Westwind Marine which Tami and I had purchased in early 2016 and had always thought a brokerage would be a nice fit for our business. Since I know most of the boat owners in the marina and my team had worked on many of the boats in the marina who else would be a better fit to sell their boats. I told Bill I was interested and started helping him with the boat listing and showings and learning the ropes. He provided detail training on the proper US customs paper work which needed to be filled out and introduced me to the bond company he used for the process. In October of 2017 we took over the business and started listing and selling boats. Bill continued to consult with me during the first half of 2018. Our first year was successful and we sold 17 boats that first year.

Mark Pondelick’s Background:

Mark standing by one of his listings

I have a very diverse background, I graduated from Bradley University with a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering. In the early part of my career I worked as a Design/Project engineer and developed several new product and have 17 patents which I am listed as inventor. I later moved into managing an Engineering department and then into a general managers position running a small division of a multi-billion dollar corporation.

Tami and I also own Westwind Marine since 2016 which is the boat yard and repair center in Point Robert. Many of the boats we sell we have also serviced which gives us a great deal of insight into many of the boat we sell.

I have always loved boating and fishing and have owned several boats over the years, both power and sail.

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